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TI am an engineer, author (Land of the Cold Sky), freelance photographer, fly fisherman, mountain man, carnivore, hermit, grandparent and born again Christian. I live in the middle of nowhere, Colorado at 8000 feet.  Many of my photographs are taken from my cabin. The nearest town (Cotopaxi) is 11 miles away.  My property is surrounded by inaccessible public land because it’s so rough and there are no roads other than the one I come in on and I live at the end of the road.  Bears, lions, deer, fox, wild turkey and bobcat also call this place home. I have a garden and a greenhouse and grow a lot of my own food.

I wanted to be an artist.  To draw pictures of wild things you don’t find in a city; paintings of wilderness and animals and wild rivers.  Paintings without evidence of civilization.  Apparently, you need some talent to be an artist and God did not bless me with any in that regard, so I took up photography in about 1980 with a borrowed Nikon.  Outdoor photography became my passion.  I love being outside all by myself taking pictures of what God has made.  I try not to have roads, fences, vehicles, domestic animals, flying metal, or contrails in any of my scenery pictures. The intent is for them to be void of any evidence of civilization.  They could have been taken a thousand years ago.  Sometimes it’s not possible to erase the footprint of man from my animal pictures; you have to shoot them where you find them.  I love sharing my art with others.  My customers are folks who like the beauty of nature and un trespassed wilderness.

Hi! I’m Bruce: